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1.What is a prophet?
Someone who delivers God’s messages.

2. How did God protect Elijah?
God had ravens bring food to Elijah. It’s important to remember that God is our Provider. He will always give us what we need.

3. Elijah trusted that God was who He said He is, so he made two altars, one for Elijah’s God and one for Baal. What happened?
Baal couldn’t do anything. He’s fake! But when Elijah prayed to God, God burned up the altar with fire...even the water was gone! That’s one powerful God!

4. Do you remember what sin is?
When you do something your own way and not God’s way.

5.Name two prophets who were important messengers of God’s rescue plan. (Hint: Their names start with “E”)
Elisha and Elijah.

6.Later, there was another prophet who gave messages to Israel. His name was Isaiah. What the best message of all that he gave?
The message about the coming Messiah, Jesus. Messiah means “Anointed One.”