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1.Much of The Writings is poetry. Poetry uses words to paint a picture. Write a poem with your family, taking turns making one line at a time.

2.Job is the story of a wealthy man who loses everything and still trusts God. What lesson can we learn from Job? We can trust God’s wisdom, even when life is confusing.

3.Psalms is made up of 150 songs, many written by King David. The Psalms provide a great example for talking to God. Sing your favorite worship song together as a family.

4.The Book of Proverbs is made up of hundreds of sayings that can help make you wise. What’s the difference between being smart and being wise? “Being smart” is knowing things. “Being wise” is knowing how to make good choices in life.

5.The books of Job and Ecclesiastes remind us that there will be times when life doesn’t make sense. What should you do in good times or bad, no matter what? Trust God.