What to Expect

What can I expect when I visit? 
You can expect to find a welcoming, inclusive group of people who are glad that you have come to worship with us.  We worship at 10:00 am at 269 Quarter Town Line, Tillsonburg.
What happens during a service?
We spend some time singing followed by Biblical teaching. Infants and toddlers are invited to join their friends to play and learn in the Juniors Class. Kids 5 -10 years old are welcome to join in the fun of our Kids experience in our Multi-purpose space. If parents wish, they are welcome to join either class with their children too. 

Family Sundays are held on the last Sunday of the month, and most long weekends. On these Sundays, kids will worship together with their families in the auditorium. "Busy Bags" may be picked up in the foyer.
How long is a service?
On Average, our Sunday service is 1.5 hours. 
Do I have to know what I believe before I attend?
No. We are all on a spiritual journey to know God personally. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey you are welcome to join us. 
How should I dress for Sunday service?
There is no particular dress code.  At Bethel, it’s not unusual to see someone wearing shorts and flip-flops sitting next to another person wearing a jacket and tie. We welcome everyone.
What about kids?
Your kids are important to you, and they are important to us too!  We go to great lengths to keep them safe and desire to partner with parents to bring them up with a deep foundation rooted in the Love of Jesus. 

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